RBC for You, Me and the Kids

Since 1969, Hilton Head Island has been home to the RBC Heritage Tournament—that’s 48 years of plaid-wearing, cocktail drinking and golf gazing. And this year, event organizers are on par to make the tournament even more fun for you, me and the kids. (Note: Children 15 and younger are admitted free as long as they are with a ticketed adult.) Here’s the run down:

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Island Newcomers Share Why Hilton Head is Now Home

When I tell people I’m from Hilton Head Island, they always shake their heads and say, “I didn’t think anyone was from Hilton Head.” To some extent they’re right. Year after year, the Island attracts families from all over the country and even the world. To learn more about why people are flocking to the Island, I asked several newcomers five basic questions and not only gained some new insights but also fell in love with my home town all over again.

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The Real Story About the Harbour Town Lighthouse

To understand the real story behind Hilton Head Island’s iconic Harbour Town Lighthouse, we need to travel back in time to 1949 when Charles Fraser’s father was part of a timber syndicate that bought two-thirds of the Island. As the story goes, in the summer of 1950 before starting his freshman year at Yale Law School, Fraser worked in his father’s island logging camp and fell in love with the area. In fact, so much so that he convinced his father to let him develop what is now Sea Pines.

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Tasting Tradition with Lowcountry Oyster Stew Recipe

From 1335 A.D. when Green’s Shell Enclosure (a four-foot-tall shell ridge that encloses two acres) was built along the banks of Skull Creek, to the1890s until the 1950s when the Hudsons and Toomers operated oyster factories on the Island, Hilton Head has shucked its share of oysters. Much of the Island’s landmarks and legacies are built on these briny bivalves, making our Island’s history not only interesting but tasty, too.

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Getting into the Holiday Spirit Hilton Head Style

Ho, ho, ho, hold on—Is it really already December? Yep, that’s right! With Thanksgiving just an oyster pie memory, it’s time to start getting into the holiday spirit and I cannot think of a better destination than Hilton Head to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

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9 Reasons to Escape the Winter Blues in Hilton Head

According to CNN contributor Dr. Charles Raison, 15% of Americans experience seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, during the winter months. But as the cold approaches, there’s no need to fret. Hilton Head, and its temperate yearlong weather, has the ability to turn any frown upside down. Here’s nine good reasons to escape to the Island and chase away the winter blues.

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Unwind & Rewind Naturally with Lowcountry Cures

The curative and time reversing powers of nature have long been of lore and great interest to health advocates. From such historical moments as Alexander the Great claiming to have come across a healing "river of paradise” in 4th century B.C. and Juan Ponce de León setting out to find the fountain of youth in the early 1500s, to all the time tested herbal remedies and the more recent botanical medicine discoveries, one theme remains constant: Mother Nature is one heck of a good aesthetician.

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The Legacy of Luxe: Lowcountry Mixes Nature with Modern Amenities

The Lowcountry's long and rich history is a patchwork quilt. Patches depicting impressive live oaks draped in Spanish moss, stately homes, shrimp boats named after women, and dapper men with rolled up sleeves are just a few of the images sewn together. And whether you are a local or a visitor to the area, you are comforted by this quilt because it balances rustication and elegance so beautifully.

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The Top 8 Alfresco Dining Spots in Hilton Head

Some the most memorable meals I have savored were al fresco. There is something scrumptious about eating in communion with nature. The beverages are more effervescent and thirst quenching. Little nibbles like fresh strawberries are more luxuriating. And main dishes are greeted like old friends.

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How to Say Goodbye to Summer and Hello to "Fall-mer"

While shopping for back to school supplies, I noticed a strange and unsettling phenomenon—the aisles that were once supersaturated with flotation devices, Tervis tumblers decorated with vibrant green palm fronds and other summer staples had all dried up. Suddenly,  plastic pumpkins, cinnamon spice scented candles and new tumblers with images of orange and brown leaves filled the racks. All these clues pointed to one grim conclusion—despite the fact that the autumnal equinox is not until late September, fall had taken root.

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Hilton Head Spas vs. Skin Saboteurs

They’re there. Lurking not in the shadows but in the sun rays. Or hiding in our favorite guilty pleasure snack. Or sneaking in at night. Whether we’re talking about sun damage, nutrition-deplete foods, or lack of sleep, skin saboteurs are in our midsts. But have no fear. You are not defenseless. Hilton Head Island’s award-winning day spas provide some of the best products and services to wield against wrinkles and reclaim your rightful beauty.


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8 Wellness-Savvy Summer Tips

Catch phrases like exercise routine and health regimen can get us caught up in a wellness rut. Thankfully Hilton Head Island offers local produce and outdoor activities that make getting fit anything but boring. Here’s how to eat and exercise your way to optimal health in 8 easy steps:


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Spring Clean with Locally-Inspired Smoothies

Spring has sprung and so has the urge to spring clean—and not just our closets. It’s time to tidy up our minds and bodies. It’s time to get immersed with nature. It’s time to be a “smoothista".

Smooth·isita | smo͞oT͟Hēsta |
noun: someone adept at making smoothies

Here’s how:
Step 1—Visit Bear Island Farm in Colleton River Plantation or The Bluffton Farmer’s Market.
Step 2—Look for fresh local produce like cucumber, basil, mint, sweet peas, kale and spinach.
Step 3—Get a blender.
Step 4—Follow the recipes below.
Step 5—Feel a Pop Eye-like effect and go conquer not just spring, but the world.

1 cup no sugar added almond or cashew milk
1 tablespoon of NOW Liquid Chlorophyl (mint flavored)
1 tablespoon cacoa nibs
1 cup of spinach
1 cup of kale
1 dropper of liquid chocolate flavored stevia
1/4 avocado
1 cup of ice
1 serving of chocolate flavored protein powder
Blend all ingredients together. Enjoy.

Health Benefits of Mint:
• Improves digestion.
• Reduces inflammation.
• Refreshes breath.
• Remedies nausea and headaches.
• Clears congestion.
• Acts as a natural stimulant.
• Used as an antiseptic and skin purifier.
• Improves memory retention and mental alertness.
• Stimulates the metabolism.
• Aids in oral health.
• Inhibits the release of histamines therefore reducing allergies

1 large cucumber peeled and sliced
1 cup frozen blueberries
2 pitted dates
A dash of local honey
1 tablespoon chia seeds (soaked for 5 minutes)
1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt or kefir
3/4 cup coconut water
1 teaspoon no sugar added vanilla extract
the juice of 1 lemon (*optional-reserve zest as a garnish)
Blend all ingredients together. Enjoy.

Health Benefits of Cucumber:
• Keeps you hydrated.
• Fights heat, both inside and out.
• Flushes out toxins.
• Infuses your body with vitamins.
• Supplies skin-friendly minerals like magnesium and potassium.
• Aids in weight loss.

1 cup frozen strawberries
8-10 basil leaves
1 banana
1 cup no sugar added almond or cashew milk
1 tablespoon local honey
Blend all ingredients together. Enjoy.

Health Benefits of Basil:
• Supports a healthy cardiovascular system.
• Reduces inflammatory bowel conditions and arthritis.
• Provides a rich source of antioxidants.
• Rich in vitamin K.
• Contains iron, calcium, fiber, manganese, and vitamin A.

2/3 cup of sweet peas (cooked)
2 cups of spinach
1 frozen banana
1-2 tablespoons no sugar added almond or peanut butter
1 cup no sugar added vanilla flavored almond, soy or rice milk
1 tablespoon agave
1 cup of ice cubes
Blend all ingredients together. Enjoy.

Health Benefits of Sweet Peas:
• Serves as a low-calorie vegan source of protein.
• Contains a high amount of a health-protective polyphenol called coumestrol that has been found to prevent stomach cancer.
• Strengthens the immune system.
• Fights aging.
• Used a preventative against alzheimer’s, arthritis, bronchitis, osteoporosis and candida.
• Regulates blood sugar.
• Reduces bad cholesterol.