To Dextoxify, Or Not To Detoxify

Every January, the health buzz word is detox. Many of us see the New Year as an opportunity to shed unwanted pounds and the past year and give our liver (among other organs) a reboot. I believe, however, even the healthiest people should consider seasonally cleaning things up—and I don't mean via a dramatic diet plan but in a gentle way that balances our hormones, stress levels and gut flora.

That's why Stefanie Stavola and I have chosen detoxification for this month's Essential Yoga class at Jiva Yoga Center (Hilton Head location) Saturday, January 28th from 3pm to 4:15pm. We invite you to join us and learn which yoga poses and essential oils stimulate the endocrine system and help you naturally achieve optimal wellness. You can sign up via logging on to Jiva's site or contacting me directly (via Facebook or

We will be featuring doTERRA essential oils, not because we are trying to push any one product but because the company simply offers the highest quality. There is no pressure to join doTERRA, either. Stefanie and I just hope to give you easy, doable, cost-effective ways to be proactive about your health.