Week 4: Travel & Training

A month deep into training I no longer feel like a total newbie. Not totally. I can get my swim cap on with one try (versus three or more). I finally figured out the cadence meter on my bike. I'm getting more efficient at using the training apps. And I even found myself talking someone who has never raced into to training for a triathlon, too—and not because I wanted her to join in on my madness but because I have truly drank the cool aid (or should I say the recovery drink) and think everyone can benefit from tryinga tri.

Because of all thetraining headway I have made, I am a little apprehensive about my upcoming travel plans. For the next two weeks, I will only be near a pool, track or my bike for three days. Three days! This morning I'm off to Aspen for my brother's wedding and every minute is accounted for while celebrating his nuptials this week and next week I'm headed to Cuba where I'm not sure I feel comfortable running by myself.

Also, maintaining a clean diet is going to be challenging—especially my no wine during the week policy. I have packed my bag with some RX bars to eat instead of plane fare, but otherwise I'm pretty much at the mercy of hotel food and cocktail party options.

Thankfully, Laura has put together the following 10-minute travel core program:

b.e.WELL+b.e.CREATIVE—Becca #TriathlonTraining