Trying Times = Triathlon Training

You might think I'm healthy, especially given the fact that I'm a health writer and coach, yoga and Barre instructor and birth doula. But, after trying unsuccessfully to have a baby this past year, I feel truly unhealthy. Infertility challenges your marriage, your spirit, your faith, your body and your overall well-being.

When we received the news that we could no longer have anymore children I cried uncontrollably. Yes, I was extremely thankful for my three beautiful daughters, but I also felt this life that wanted to come through but couldn't. For this reason, I could not accept the finality of what our doctor had told us. I was rendered hopeless, powerless and defeated by his words.

A month has passed since that day and I have learned something valuable about the human spirit. There are only so many tears we can cry before we realize we cannot remain wading in despair's waters. We have to walk ashore. We have to persevere. And for me this meant finding a personal and physical challenge.

I decided to dedicate the next few months to training for my first triathlon in Naples, Florida. I've enlisted the help of two accomplished triathletes—Laura Fromdahl (Drayer Physical Therapy and USA Triathlon Coach) and Amanda Walton (WellFed). I'm excited and terrified at the same time, but I trust these women implicitly.

Please join me on my journey as I blog about my training. My hope is to regain a sense of radiance and inspire other people with life/health challenges to do the same in their own way.