Week 14: Checking In

This week Coach Laura asked me to check in with some questions about myself and, to be honest with you, most were easy to answer and some were not. Because this has been a hard year for me and my family, I've found these days sometimes asking myself in depth questions is like ripping off a band-aid—yes, it's time but it kinda hurts. Maybe you can relate. Either way, here were my responses:


1. Is your rating of how your training is going dependent on the number of hours you accumulate in each discipline? Yes. (FYI: I'm suddenly all about the bike since discovering Grey's Anatomy and my husband's bike trainer.)
2. Do you perform most of your training sessions at a similar training intensity, regardless of the training plan? Yes. I seem to have only one speed—in training and in life.
3. Do you rest on the rest days? No.
4. Do you place the same emphasis on your swim training as you do cycling and running? Hmmm... until the ear infection yes, but now no.

1. Do you often limit your caloric intake or try and hit a particular number of calories with your daily diet? No.
2. Do you avoid fat in your daily meals and snacks? No.
3. Do you rely on carbohydrates as a main or primary source of calories in most of your meals? No.
4. Do you frequently skip breakfast? No.
5. Do you often go more than 4 hours without consuming any calories? No.

FUELING (calories consumed during and within 90 min after exercise)
1. Do you take in calories during training sessions lasting more than 1 hour? No.
2. Do you always consume calories within 60 min of training? No.
3. Do you consume protein within 15-20 min after most training sessions? Starting to!
4. Do you fear taking in calories during or immediately after exercise due to issues with your weight or body composition? Yes.
5. Do you focus on hydrating throughout every session, regardless of temperature or intensity? Yes.
6. Following a heavy training session, do you often get strong cravings for carbs later in the day? No.
7. Do you retain body fat or struggle to maintain proper body composition despite a heavy training load? Yes.

1. Do you consume at least 1 ounce of fluid per pound of body weight on a daily basis? Yes.
2. Do you consume sugar based beverages (Gatorade, coke, lattes…) outside of exercise? No.
3. During training do you hydrate with a low carb sports drink? Yes.

1. Do you follow a core program at least twice a week? Yes.
2. Do you focus on specific personal weaknesses that become evident during the core program? Yes.

1. Night sweats Yes.
2. Unusually sore muscles Yes.
3. Fatigue during the day and insomnia at night Yes.
4. Fluctuating motivation or depression Motivation, yes. Depression, no.
5. Changes in appetite – loss of appetite No.
6. Frequent sickness – colds, coughs, sniffles No.
7. Inability to get over a sickness – takes longer to bounce back No.
8. No performance gains despite training No.
9. Reliance on caffeine or stimulants to perform at work, daily life or in training No.
10. Frequent overuse injuries (muscle tears, shin splints, tendonitis..) No.

b.e.WELL+b.e.CREATIVE—Becca #TriathlonTraining