Week 12 & 13: Nuggets of Nutrition

There's nutrition. And then there's sports nutrition. The latter is deliciously new to me. Coach Laura recently shared this nugget of nutrition:

To affect body composition, use training and food timing to maximize adaptations. Fuel before training, eat real food (not just sugary sports bars and gels) during training, and hydrate well. Fueling for workouts in this way will allow you to hit intensity and/or duration with the least amount of negative stress (cortisol production). Next, really take advantage of the post exercise window, both the 30 minutes immediately after your session, in which you should take in some protein to maximize cellular adaptations and reparation, and up to two hours afterward, when you should eat a balanced meal consisting of a high quality protein, a good source of fat and some higher quality carbohydrates. (Taken from Matt Dixon in the Well Built Triathlete.)

Here's a grocery list of my top favorite triathlon training foods:

  • Apples (a good source of natural sugar)
  • Almonds, almond milk and almond butter (dairy free)
  • Avocados (a good source of fat)
  • Berries (a good antioxidant)
  • Cucumbers (alkaline forming)
  • Eggs (a quick and easy protein source)
  • Hummus (provides carbs, fats and some protein)
  • Homemade chicken broth (anti-inflammatory)
  • Kale, spinach and other greens (a must for all diets)
  • Lean meats and fish (essential amino acids and omegas)

b.e.WELL+b.e.CREATIVE—Becca #TriathlonTraining