Week 8: Groove Power

OK, don't feel sorry for me but Sunday through Wednesday I was forced to go to Bermuda for a business-networking related trip. I know. I know. It was tough getting away from all the devastation from Hurricane Matthew and drinking rum swizzles delivered by men in knees socks while relaxing on the beach, swimming with dolphins, eating conch fritters and lobster sushi, and getting a kick ass massage with essential oils. But hey, someone has got to do it, right?

Just a little something delivered to my room at sunset.

Just a little something delivered to my room at sunset.

To combat all the training I missed while away, the past few days I have been working out like a fitness fiend. I'm talking two hours on my bike trainer and then an hour of yoga. A workout that consisted of walking on the beach for four miles, running full speed on the beach for four miles, and then walking through Sea Pines for four more miles. And revving up my core workout.

Life is all about balance and as I was leveling the scale I also gained insight into groove power. "Groove power?" you might ask. Yes, groove power. Groove power is when you challenge your body (while still being safe), find a rhythm, learn how powerful you actually are and revel in it.

So, to anyone following this blog, I say encouragingly, "Groove on with your bad self!" You don't need to overwork your mind and body all the time, but sometimes it's good to check in and see what you're made of.

b.e.WELL+b.e.CREATIVE—Becca #TriathlonTraining