Benefit from Boutique Wellness at Healthsmart

In today’s super-sized, supermarket world, sometimes super is not always, well, super duper. Especially when it comes to our health, many of us would like personal attention and customizable plans. So, what if there was a health food store:
Where everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came…

“Healthsmart is a boutique health store,” began JL Scott, co-owner of Healthsmart. “We want to work hands-on with our customers to help them achieve their wellness goals.”

Healthsmart is located in Belfair Village (Bluffton) at 67 Towne Drive. This 200-square foot store is jam-packed with thousands of products handpicked for their effectiveness and high standards. “We only carry the best products on the market,” said Scott, who also added, “And we made sure to hire very knowledgeable people like Shawn [Mull]. She can tell you anything you need to know about the lines we carry.”

Shawn Mull

Shawn Mull

I can attest to Mull’s resourcefulness and friendly disposition. Every time a person walked through Heathsmart’s door, she either knew the customer’s name or introduced herself and asked how she could be of service. She even helped me plan for a paleo “mocktail” party I was hosting for a few of my Whole30-following friends by introducing me to Paleo Wraps, a delicious gluten-free, wonton wrapper-like food made from coconut.

“A lot of people are intimidated by holistic wellness. For example, they are not sure what the different supplements do,” said Scott. “That’s why we also have a holistic nutritionist on staff who will meet you in the store and help you come up with a health strategy. We don’t want people wasting their money and time on things that do not work. We want to make sure they are making the best health choices.”

Since opening in January, Healthsmart has and will continue to partner with wellness professionals and facilities to create a network of health-consciousness and to best understand and accommodate people’s health needs in the community. In the next year, they hope to host health workshops, cleanses and other special events. Their mission is to prove the benefits of boutique wellness and if you want to be proactive about your health you should check out the store. There you will find not only personable people who truly want to help but you will also find:

• Certified grass-fed beef
• Aromatherapy
• Top-grade vitamins and supplements for anything from allergies to joint pain
• Holistic and homeopathic options
• Environmentally safe cleaning products
• Non toxic beauty products
• High-quality pet supplies
• An extensive line of teas
• Just about anything you need to make a power-packed smoothie