I am a DONA certified birth doula. The b.e.Mama Package includes:

  • 4 prenatal appointments in which we will create a personalized prenatal yoga sequence for staying shape, preparing your body for delivery and the birthing experience, as well as nutritional recommendations to insuring you and your baby enjoy premium health.
  • 24-hour support during your entire pregnancy and delivery.
  • Connections to other supportive healthcare providers such as prenatal massage therapists and additional services such as placenta encapsulation or lymphatic treatments for postpartum recovery.
  • Birth delivery assistance—from helping to pack your hospital bag, to every birthing stage, to that final push, my goal is to make your delivery as comfortable, memorable and beautiful as possible.
  • 1 postnatal appointment to discuss breastfeeding tips, methods to improving mom and baby's sleep, and any nutritional information or exercises to aid in postpartum recovery.

Note: All sessions can take place at b.e.WELL's waterfront view space or at the location of your choosing. Also, please check out a group I and a few other prenatal professionals started: Lowcountry Doula Co-Op.